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Top Online Poker Rooms

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Poker is among the most popular and fastest-growing games online. That popularity is largely due to the fun factor, accessibility and pace of the game. Online poker is available to everyone, and each person can choose the gaming environment that is perfect for his/her preferences and commitment level.

Texas Holdem

Poker is played using many different rule sets, but online, the Texas Holdem variant is the most prevalent. There are many reasons for this success, including rule complexity, shared cards, anticipation as cards are revealed and the wide range of poker strategies that this setup allows for.

A Texas Holdem hand has four phases, each of which is followed by a betting round. If necessary, the hand is concluded with a showdown. The first phase consists of the dealer dealing two cards face down to each player at the table. During the second phase, three community cards are dealt. During the third phase or street, one community card is dealt, and during the fourth phase or river, a final community card is revealed.

Advantages Of Online Poker

Online is available around the clock, and there are a wide array of games and tables to choose from. For the new player, playing online is much less intimidating as well. Micro-stakes and low-rake games are readily available, and most online poker rooms extend to new clients bankroll bonuses that allow them to play many additional hands than would otherwise be possible.

Modern Poker Culture

The role of poker in popular culture has played a significant role in the current success of Texas Holdem and online poker in general. There has been, for instance, a direct correlation between a rise in TV viewership of the World Series of Poker and a rise in new account registrations online. The Internet poker rooms have embraced this relationship through sponsorships, and an exciting aspect of online poker is the chance to play against the likes of Phil Hellmuth, Gus Hansen and Vanessa Rousso.

Getting Started

Choose an online poker room with a lucrative welcome bonus; combined with micro-limits play, it will allow you to maximize the number of hands you can try to win. Play tight. A common beginner mistake, particularly with Texas Holdem, is to play far too many hands that are unlikely to win. Play aggressive, which means that when you do choose to play a hand, go all out to win the pot. If possible, use a software-based poker assistant, which will help to avoid the obvious yet common beginner mistakes.

Maximizing Bankroll

Budget your poker play all the way down to a limit per sitting, and if you come out on top, feel free to add that amount, within reason, to your budget for that period. Maintain a journal, and track when and why you win and lose. Keep in mind that casino promotions are essentially free chips and the equivalent to comps in Las Vegas. Use them to your advantage by choosing a poker room that has the loyalty program, reload bonuses and regular promotions that best suit your bankroll size and play frequency.

Choose a casino or poker room that suits your personality. Don’t be afraid to leave a table if it’s not to your expectations. Dress casual. Kick back. Don’t play too long. The “one more hand” mentality can sap the fun out fast. If you don’t like the idea of risking bankroll while learning, feel free to cut your teeth on free-to-play poker. If you like to drink while playing online, stick to micro-stakes and straightforward play.

Zone, Blaze, Speed and More

Zone-based poker, also called blaze, speed and other names, is a kind of online poker where you choose a room rather than a table. The advantage is that when you fold — which will be a lot playing tight — the system will transition you to a new table that’s ready to deal. This style isn’t for everyone long term, but it does favor tight-aggressive play, and it does let you play many hands in a short period of time, which makes it an excellent option for the poker player getting his/her feet wet.

Have Fun!

Besides Poker

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